Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Topmost: Glam Edition

Here we go again with our three favorite fashion royalties: Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy and Camille Co. This time, we see how these ladies glam up and grace black tie events in style.

We start today with Laureen’s sexy looks, first in her Aztec print dress.

What make this look stand out is its combination with the blue printed oversized purse, gold pumps and that perfectly-framing dangle earrings.

Next, she wears a simpler yet more elegant nude dress paired with the same gold pumps.

With the nude dress, she finishes with a basic cuff and earrings and a popping ring for a flare.

A red maxi dress with basic gold highlights artfully sown together by Kryz gave a whole mysterious and rather intriguing femme vibe that always keeps heads turning at parties.

To make the look more formal, the look can be tweaked by switching to pumps and keeping the hair nude.

Kryz also shows how to surely be the life of a party (and the one talked about since after) as she wears such a stunner and, in every sense of the word, glam dress.

With the hair up and minimal simple accessories, I’m quite positive she really stood out in that party.

Our favorite in the glam genre would definitely have to be Camille, first in this shimmering top paired with nude layered skirt and heels.

The gold belt did the trick of fusing the two pieces like what she’s wearing is actually a dress.

Lastly, Camille shows how textures and colorful prints can uniquely stand out in a sea of dull formal party dresses.

With the perfect accessories, making this bold statement puts one in the ranks of the epically remembered characters in the party.

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