Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Co, Uy and Uy: Manila’s Three Topmost* Fashion Bloggers

Style is their main weapon. Inspirational confidence, they exude. The Manila Spectator brings you the three Pinay prides in the realm of fashion: Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Kryz Uy.

The three are actually friends even! (photo from

These women have certainly made names for themselves in the Philippine (and even the international) fashion scene. With humble beginnings, they arose and bloomed into the powerhouse fashion icons that they truly are.

Laureen Uy

Camille Co

Kryz Uy
Their common denominators:
1. Lookbook.NU, where you can find and hype the photos of all of their outfits
2. Incredibly large and unwavering groups of audiences always holding their breaths to view, praise (or envy), critique and pine for these icons’ next hot post
3. Their very own brands - Laureen's Break My Style, Camille's Coexist and Kryz's WAGW (featured more later on)
4. Of course, their undeniably striking senses of style that keeps them trendy and hot in the fashion blogosphere

The Manila Spectator shall feature them one-by-one (and together, too) later on, along with other stylish and even the up and coming icons and bloggers. Posts showcasing their takes on different genres shall be labeled Three Topmost.

*Break My Style, Camille Tries to Blog, and are the top 3 fashion blogs listed by 

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