Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Premiere: The Big Fat Disclaimer

Newness is may be both a curse and a gift to a blogger. Working through the former has always been a toil. However, there's always hope.
The first few posts are often what makes or breaks a beginner. Here's where one can test the waters, so to speak, of how the whole blog will play out. Despite this "newness," The Manila Spectator (TMS) chooses to rise above, and in short, not give a f* whether you like what it says or not (no snobbishness intended).

Posted here would be personal musings and critiques. TMS may not be "well-established" like others, but it will certainly owe to whatever it will be saying. It aims not to dictate what should or shouldn't be, but will only go as far as give sensible comments and recommendations. This would be a collection from the best to the worst of what is out there in the fashion blogosphere and beyond according to the lenses of an average, as the namesake implies, spectator.

Please keep up. Grazie.


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