Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Topmost: Casual Edition

Whether it’s a simple day out, a nice little date or just a laid back afternoon with friends, picking out the perfect outfit doesn't have to be so stressful. The best tip is to wear something comfy to make the day easy-breezy. But of course, "fashionable" doesn't have to be sacrificed for the sake of "comfy."

Here are six takes on CASUAL WEAR by our three favorite bloggers.

This would perhaps be Ms. Camille Co's simplest casual look. A nautical striped top paired with peach shorts and matching striped flats - an outfit accessorized with soft gold and white pieces and gave the whole "laid back" appeal.

This next look is a more edgy version of casual wear. The basic pieces are a deep blue top, jeans and leather shorts, some striking wedges, a nude hat and some gold and dark-colored accessories to bring the whole look together. 

Floral prints will always say casual like in Ms. Laureen Uy's crisp top. The plain shorts and belt go perfectly together with this. What makes this look even more special are the accessories - the unique jewelry pieces and the adorable floral wedges.

Laureen goes for the more trendy pieces for this look. A nude-based palette of colors makes the whole outfit look simple yet eye-catching and appealing.

When it comes to the genre of casual wear, the winner would definitely be Ms. Kryz Uy. In this look, she pulled together a floral corset-type top with simple shorts and striped sneakers. To make the look stand out, she added two pieces that surely made it pop - a necklace and a knitted almost floor-length cardigan. 

Here's my favorite. Paring a striped top and a red flowy skirt with teal and gold-themed accessories, Kryz wears a simple pony tail to top the whole outfit off which made the look very feminine, flirty and "easy-breezy."

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