Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LookBook.NU’s Dolls: Mayo Wo, Tricia Gosingtian and Anastasia Siantar

This time, The Manila Spectator presents some of its much-“hyped” dolls Mayo Wo, Tricia Gosingtian and Anastasia Siantar. Indeed, they’re the “dolls” of LookBook.NU with their very feminine and cotton candy-like takes on fashion.

Scanning the LookBook pages, Mayo's posts has always been of those that catch the little-girl-at-heart's eyes.

We just love her quirky accessories. They're such precious collections, don't you think? 
Soft and nude tones will always bring out your feminine side.
We just love her purses! They're as candy-sweet as her!

Mayo’s trademark would definitely have to be how she wears her heels.
Although it may have seemed odd for "real, live people" to wear socks under heels a few trends back, she surely shows that it’s a trend worth staying for a long time. It gives her looks their dolly appeal that makes her oh-so-unique. Check out more of her looks here or in her blog, Mellow Mayoness.

Although Tricia is more versatile than the former muse, she has still been always regarded for her doll-like appearance and looks.

In recreating Tricia's looks, mixing light and dark colored feminine pieces are your best bet. And don't forget that adorable accessory!

We love this photo of her in Versailles - like "Tricia and her doll house" Teehee!
What we love about some of her outfits is they're VERY school-friendly. Who says you can't go all preppy in style?
Here, Tricia also looks even fairy-like! Those highlights!

Hype more of this slumberdoll's looks here or browse her blog, Tricia Will Go Places.
Tricia's Japan-inspired dresses and top-and-skirt or short outfits with shoes that always tug every girl’s heartstrings make her one of Manila fashion scene’s most sought-after icons. And we know - we LOOOVE her hair!

Among the three, Jakarta’s Anastasia would have to be TMS's "blogger pick of the week."

From sweet Barbie outfits like this one
To hot trendy looks like this, Anastasia shows her strength as a style icon.

Oh, those shoes.
And oh, that adorable dress and headpiece. Click here or visit her blog, Brown Platform to find out more about Anastasia.

Not only is she highly versatile in terms of style, but she also brings refreshingly adorable, interesting and sometimes even mysterious and intriguing photos look-after-look.

Watch out for more offerings by The Manila Spectator on these lovely ladies soon.

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